Day: July 19, 2019

Indoor smoking ban tied to heart attack decline in older adults

(Reuters Health) – Heart attack rates dropped among older adults in Scotland in the decade after a nationwide indoor smoking ban took effect, a new study suggests. Scotland banned smoking in all enclosed public spaces and workplaces in 2006. There was a 17% reduction in heart attacks in the first

As health insurers make it easy for scammers to steal millions, who pays? You

Insurers are regarded as defenders of health care dollars, but the case of David Williams shows how they allow costs to rise. Ever since her 14-year marriage imploded in financial chaos and a protective order, Amy Lankford had kept a wary eye on her ex, David Williams. Williams, then 51,

Dominican Republic Officials Announce New Safety Measures to Reassure Visitors

Authorities in the Dominican Republic have announced new safety measures to ease tourists’ fears about traveling to the country. According to a report , the Dominican Republic’s Ministry of Tourism is making an effort to calm Americans’ fears with increased hotel inspections, more monitoring measures to medical facilities located within