Day: May 30, 2019

Living with Children: Science doesn’t have all the answers when it comes to raising children

Q: I appreciate your traditional, call it old-fashioned approach to child rearing, but I’m a tad confused and hope you can help straighten out my thinking. I’ve been reading your column for maybe 20 years and have used many of your suggestions with success. Your recommendation that consequences be huge

The real (surprisingly comforting) reason rural America is doomed to decline

According to the United States’ original 1950 urban classifications, rural America is crushing it. It’s home to about as many people as urban America, and it’s growing faster. So why do headlines and statistics paint rural areas as perpetually in decline? Because the contest between rural and urban America is

A million unpatched PCs waiting to be compromised by BlueKeep RDP vulnerability says security researcher

Earlier this month Microsoft released an emergency patch for all versions of Windows, all the way back to Windows XP, due to a zero-day vulnerability which had a very real potential to be another WannaCry. Now Errata Security reports that while most people have patched their PCs there remains at

Pizza Hut is changing its pan pizzas for the first time in 40 years

The company announced Tuesday that its “Original Pan Pizza” is being completely remade, including a new cheese blend, sauce and a “newly engineered” pan for it to be baked in for a crispier crust. Changes to Pizza Hut’s best-known menu item comes as competition tightens with its closest competitors, Domino’s

These Trader Joe’s Frozen Foods Are All Less Than $5 and Taste Better Than Takeout

Trader Joe’s is a paradise of frozen food—that doesn’t taste like frozen food. The grocery store prioritizes ready-to-eat items, and over the years, has excelled at developing frozen meals that will fool your taste buds into thinking you ordered takeout from your favorite place down the block. As with most

Your Bottled Water Probably Has Plastic In It. Should You Worry?

Plastic contamination is rampant in bottled water. That was the unsettling conclusion of a study published last year in Frontiers in Chemistry that analyzed samples taken from 259 bottled waters sold in several countries and found that 93% of them contained “microplastic” synthetic polymer particles. Many of those particles weren’t

2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer Debuts As GM’s Newest Compact SUV

It’s been upwards of 10 years since a new Chevrolet Trailblazer graced roads in the United States. The portly SUV was dropped in 2009, though a second-generation continued in select overseas markets. Now, the moniker is back as part of GM’s ever-expanding SUV lineup, looking much like a smaller Chevy

The dollar powers American dominance: Rivals are building workarounds

U.S. allies, looking to buck American control over international trade, are developing alternate systems that don’t rely on U.S. currency. The catalyst was the Trump administration’s decision last year to reimpose trade sanctions on Iran after pulling out of the 2015 nuclear-weapons deal. The U.K., Germany and France didn’t support

A Hidden Chamber Has Been Found in Nero’s Pleasure Palace Buried Under the Colosseum

If you stroll through the neighborhood of the Colosseum in Rome today, you could easily think that that the Colosseum dates to the origins of the Roman republic or that it is the most impressive structure to occupy itself. But you might be wrong, as beneath the Colosseum and surrounding