Day: August 30, 2018

Scientists improve on a plastic-digesting enzyme to stem plastic waste

Plastic products are a considerable part of modern civilization, but disposing of them is one of today’s greatest environmental problems. A research team at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute reported, in a study published in the journal Biochemistry, how they found the means to improve a natural enzyme’s ability to decompose plastic, offering the possibility of

Dual fermentation of rice bran enriches the functional value of the food in treating hypertension

Researchers in Japan looked at the effect of fermented rice bran against metabolic syndrome in stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive mice models. In their study published in the journal BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, fermented rice bran has been found to be potentially used as a functional food for lowering hypertension and improving

Rhubarb relieves gastrointestinal dysfunction in critically ill patients without any side effects

As yet another proof that eating rhubarb is good for you, a study published in the publication Chinese Medical Journal discusses how the vegetable can relieve gastrointestinal dysfunction in critically ill patients without any adverse effects on their already precarious health. Gastrointestinal dysfunction refers to a number of conditions characterized by an otherwise normal-looking gastrointestinal

Purple mangosteen found to be a powerful remedy for malaria

Purple mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) is not just a sweet-and-sour snack. The rind of this fruit contains numerous phytochemicals that can suppress the growth of the parasites responsible for malaria. What’s more, these natural compounds can be taken alongside standard antimalarial treatments to improve the latter’s effect on drug-resistant protozoans. One out of

Pumpkin seeds, mostly eaten during Halloween, contain an impressive array of vitamins and minerals that support heart health

Pumpkin seeds are typically eaten only during Halloween, as they are usually scraped out of the pumpkin in making jack-o-lanterns. However, these nutty seeds and their byproduct pumpkin seed oil should be consumed more often because they contain a variety of vitamins and minerals that are good for the heart. Pumpkin

Modern gear for going off grid: New smartwatch is powered by body heat alone

You might think that there is no point to wearing electronic devices when you’re out in nature, but there are a number of surprisingly useful gadgets that you can bring with you whenever you go off-grid. Case in point – there’s a new multi-use product called the Matrix PowerWatch X, which is

Potassium and its role in your health

Potassium plays a part in almost everything inside your body, including your heart, kidneys, muscles, and nerves. It also may help protect against stroke, high blood pressure, and osteoporosis. Many Americans don’t get enough. Dried apricots, bananas, spinach, milk, and yogurt are good sources. Ask your doctor before you take

You can easily avoid kidney stones by drinking more lemonade (the real kind)

Avoiding and treating kidney stones can be easily done by drinking more lemonade. This could be a natural alternative to taking medications or supplements for this painful ailment. Urologists increasingly prescribe lemonade as a natural remedy for kidney stones. People with kidney stones, or those who are prone to them, have

Insufficient acetylcholine responsible for those “senior moments” – here are natural ways to increase its levels

Acetylcholine earned its title of the “memory molecule” for a good reason. Low levels of the normally numerous neurotransmitter can make even young and otherwise smart people every bit the senile senior citizen. An article on Be Brain Fit shows how you can boost the amount of acetylcholine in your brain. The initial

study finds consumption of fruit juice contributes to weight gain

Fruits are really meant to be eaten, not drunk. That’s the conclusion of a recently released study that found out drinking 100 percent fruit juice contributed to weight gain instead of weight loss. The Seattle-based researchers recommended people eat whole fruits if they want to really shed some pounds, reported a Newswise article.

Using pomegranate peels as an alternative flour for macaroni

Numerous studies have discussed the many and varied applications and nutritional benefits of pomegranate peels. A study published in the Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences looks at another potential use for pomegranate peels as an ingredient in macaroni. Mature pomegranates were turned into pomegranate peel powder. Analyses of the nutritional

Use your snacks to rev up your metabolism with healthy options, all under 100 calories

Metabolism is genetic, but it can be improved by eating the right food. Metabolism is the body’s process of converting what you eat and drink into energy. In this process, calories from food and beverages are combined with oxygen to produce the energy that the body needs in order to function. Instead

Medical tests miss most heart attacks – nearly two-thirds are “unrecognized”

A new study on myocardial infarctions (MI; commonly referred to as heart attacks) raised concerns that standard medical tests fail to properly diagnose up to two-thirds of unrecognized MI cases. An unrecognized heart attack is a sub-clinical event. That is to say, its symptoms are too faint to be detected by common medical exams. Their accurate detection

Familiarity with a variety of healthy foods through the early years leads children to good eating habits later

For parents, encouraging children to eat healthier can be a daunting task, especially if their little ones are very picky. According to a review paper, the best way to remedy this is to introduce your children to different kinds of diets and an assortment of healthy food. Don’t be discouraged