Day: July 24, 2018

PowerShell Core is now available as a Snap package for many Linux distributions

Microsoft today announced the release of PowerShell Core as a Snap package. Snap Packages are containerized, so they can be installed on many Linux distributions easily. Also, Snap packages can be installed without giving the publisher root access to the host and updates happen automatically. They also include the delta of

New Surface Pro (2017) firmware being pushed out

Microsoft has pushed out new firmware to the 2017 Surface Pro. The company has not posted the changelog for the update yet, but the following drivers have been touched. Intel – System – Surface – Firmware – 234.2278.769.0 Intel – System – Surface – Firmware – 234.2237.257.0 Intel

Breathtaking photos show Saturn’s moon in a new light

Photos of Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, have typically captured the muted, apricot tones of its nitrogen-rich atmosphere. But thanks to more than a decade of data gathered by the Cassini spacecraft, new photographs of an atmosphere-free Titan can show us the mesmerizing beauty of its surface. To capture the photos, The

Microsoft, Google and Facebook working together to enable transfer of data between online services

Even today, if you want to switch from one online service to another, there’s no easy way to do it. In the case of contacts and few other content types, you have some common format which is supported by many online services. So, you have to download your content from

Freeze-dried red potatoes may serve as an innovative way to enrich gluten-free products

Polish researchers have found that adding freeze-dried red potatoes in gluten-free bread improved its nutritional profile – in particular, by adding protein, minerals, and dietary fiber. The study, which appeared in CyTA – Journal of Food, assessed the nutritional value, as well as the physical properties, of gluten-free bread samples that have been supplemented

How does Facebook store data of its over 2 billion users?

Facebook has over 2.3 billion monthly active users, whose data is stored on millions of servers scattered globally. To handle such volumes of data, Facebook runs trillions of configuration checks daily, while simultaneously delivering updates to users in their respective languages. Recently, Facebook developed a new delivery process, where a

21-yr-old Indian origin develops platform to fight fake news

Lyric Jain, a 21-year-old Indian-origin entrepreneur originally from Mysore, has founded startup Logically in the UK and developed a machine-learning algorithm to combat fake news. The platform collects news stories from over 70,000 domains and determines the credibility of the claims in the articles. With specific plans for India, the

Google working on Android successor ‘Fuchsia’

Google is reportedly working on an operating system (OS) called ‘Fuchsia’ which will replace Android. While there is no official plan, engineers reportedly want to install Fuchsia on connected devices within three years and then move on to smartphones and laptops. In a statement, Google said Fuchsia is just “one

Microsoft Q4 FY18 Earnings: Dynamics products and cloud services grew 11%

Microsoft today announced FY18 Q4 earnings results. Microsoft reported that Dynamics products and cloud services revenue increased 11% (up 8% in constant currency) mainly driven by Dynamics 365 revenue growth of 61% (up 56% in constant currency). Apart from the above numbers, Microsoft didn’t reveal any other details about Dynamics

Manchester City unveil unique fonts for International Champions Cup

Manchester City will wear special Manchester-themed names and number fonts on their shirts for their International Champions Cup games in the United States. A specially designed font has been designed, inspired by the mosaic floor of the Victorian-era Manchester Town Hall, and will include the iconic “worker bee” symbol of