Day: June 30, 2018

Revamped drug could save lives of many new mothers

A revamped drug that can withstand extreme heat and stay effective for 1,000 days could “revolutionise the ability” to keep new mothers alive, the World Health Organization (WHO) says. The medicine – known as heat-stable carbetocin – helps prevent sometimes fatal bleeding after women give birth. It could potentially be

How to make a Pineapple Cheesecake Bars

We’re officially declaring these bars the must-make sweet of spring, summer and every season in between! If the layer of creamy pineapple cheesecake and brown butter glaze weren’t enough, the whipped topping and literal cherry on top make this an irresistible spin on your favorite pineapple upside-down dessert. Ingredients Cheesecake

Patients criticized for rating GPs’ looks on social media

Patients have been criticized for taking photos and videos of doctors and then asking people online to rate how attractive they find them. Social media posts of doctors are being shared without their consent, the British Medical Association’s annual meeting heard. Such posts “violate” their privacy, the meeting in Brighton

Office for Android July 2018 update will come

Microsoft today released the preview of the Office for Android July 2018 update. This build 16.0.10325.20010 comes with six new features including the ability to delete contacts in Outlook, word count of your document in Word, easy access to comments and notes in PowerPoint and more. Find the full list

LinkedIn QR Code feature will enable offline conversations online

Even today, many people exchange business cards, whether it’s an industry conference, networking happy hour, sales meeting, or social gathering. Business cards help people to stay in touch with others even after the meeting. Microsoft’s LinkedIn today announced a new feature called LinkedIn QR code that will allow you to

Microsoft makes it easier to protect your PC’s files with One Drive

Microsoft is making it easier to keep your PC’s files up to date with Known Folder Move on OneDrive. Known Folders are essentially the default folders on your PC. When you see Photos, Documents, Downloads etc, these are known folders and where your PC automatically stores the corresponding media. Normally,