Year: 2018

Some popular Android apps are sharing your data with Facebook without user consent

 Facebook and Privacy scandals. Name a better duo. No seriously, for what seems like the umpteenth time this year, Facebook has been found engaging in behaviour that skirts the creepy line and teeters on kind of illegal — in the EU at least. Privacy International did some research on Facebook’s

Hammersmith stabbing: 39 people arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after man knifed in west London

Thirty-nine people have been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after a man was stabbed in west London. The man, aged in his 30s, is fighting for his life after he was knifed in Fulham Palace Road, Hammersmith, in the early hours of Monday. Scotland Yard said 39 people were

Best of 2018: The top five transfers of the year

Signing a new player is strange. Fans go wild at pretty much every new name, regardless of whether or not the player is good. Everyone looks for a bargain, everyone is obsessed with big fees. It’s a peculiar world, the transfer market, but one we’ve come to adore. Here –

Surface Headphones may be planning to release more

While not universally acclaimed, Microsoft’s first audio hardware, the Surface Headphones, have been generally well received. The $349 premium noise-cancelling devices may however just be the start of Microsoft’s sound ambitions, going by the recently published trademark associated with the headphones. Microsoft is using the trademark phrase “THE SMARTER WAY TO

Windows Phone Internals updated with Iris Scanner

Windows Phone Unlock tool WPInternals has hit version 2.7 and unlike Windows Phone, has continued to improve with each release. The Windows Phone unlock tool now preserves Windows Hello functionality, meaning the Iris Scanner continues to work, despite the device being unlocked. Despite not adding new features Microsoft continues to

Treat Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) occurs when a person experiences depressive symptoms during specific times of the year, usually in the winter months. Symptoms typically begin in the fall when daylight decreases, and subsides in the spring with the return of longer days. People with SAD experience depressive symptoms, including difficulty