Lenovo’s folding Thinkpad X1 laptop gets a release date, and it could be before the Surface Neo

In the summer Lenovo showed off a folding laptop at their Accelerate event. Called the Lenovo Thinkpad X1, the laptop is designed for highly mobile, tech-savvy professionals who demand the best tools, and promising that the unprecedented portability will in no way compromise productivity and reliability. The device was given

Advice: How do I give presents without creating a sense of obligation?

Most of my extended family and friends live in far-flung places. We can’t visit them all in any given year, and there are too many to send gifts to annually. I’d like to send gifts (usually “Boston boxes” of regional goodies) to people we’ve stayed with in a given year,

Babies who are heavier at birth may have a higher risk of childhood allergies

New Australian research has found that babies who are heavier at birth may have a higher risk of a food allergy or eczema later in childhood. Carried out by researchers at the University of Adelaide’s Robinson Research Institute, the new study looked at 42 studies including data on more than

Orange vs. White Cheddar Cheese: What’s The Difference, Anyway?

Americans love cheese, and we’re eating more of it than ever: about 37 pounds per year per capita, in fact, more than double what we ate four decades ago, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. A large chunk of our cheese eating is made up of cheddar cheese, which has

The Outer Worlds confirmed as Xbox One X enhanced, no PS4 Pro support

Obsidian Entertainment’s upcoming open-world RPG The Outer Worlds may be a multiplatform title, but it’s clearly picking favourites. With the game coming out on October 25th, fans were left wondering whether or not their enhanced consoles would see any benefits. Well, the answer is yes… If you have an Xbox

You Can Stay in a Toy-Filled Suite by FAO Schwarz This Winter

Yes, the suite will include a glittery toy Mercedes driven by toy soldiers. Your Home Alone 2 and Big-style childhood fantasies may actually play out this winter: AFAR has exclusively learned that iconic toy company FAO Schwarz in New York City has partnered with the newly opened Conrad New York Midtown to create a special hotel